Ross Di Corleto’s Latest Post on Heat Stress

WHWB member Ross Di Corleto has posted a new article on his blog The Thermal Environment dealing with myths, near myths and facts related to blanket statements often used in discussions of heat stress. As always, this latest from The Thermal Environment is informative and should clear up some misconceptions related to heat stress. You can read the entire post at:

Posting to this Forum

A WHWB member emailed me the other day and told me he could not log in to this website. He had forgotten his login password. If this has happened to you, it is very easy to reset your password. Simply click the login link at the top of the right hand column and then click on Lost your password? below the login box. Enter your Username or the email address you used when you registered and answer the skill testing question. A new password will be emailed to you at that address. If you have changed your email address, you will of course not get a new password. In this case simply send an email to and I will arrange for a new password to be sent to you.

The new password will probably be secure but difficult to remember. If you wish to do so, you can login using it, and then change it to something more easily remembered in your profile. Select a password that is strong as well as memorable (WordPress will estimate the strength of the password when you type it into your profile). You access your profile by moving your mouse over the Howdy _____ in the upper right corner. Just remember to update your profile (update button at bottom of page) after making the password change. If you have a question about this, just click the Leave a comment link below and ask. Happy posting!

Happy Lunar New Year WHWB members! We still need your support!

We are very grateful to our many volunteers and supporters for all they have contributed to WHWB during 2016, and would appreciate your continued support through the coming year. If you missed the opportunity to make a donation in December, you can still contribute.  Donations are tax-deductible in Canada, and donations to WHWB-US are tax deductible in the USA.  You can use the Paypal or Canada Helps buttons on the sidebar, or find more details on our donation page.  Wishing everyone a happy, safe and healthy new year!

14th NTP Report on Carcinogens is now available

ROC 14th EdOn November 6th, 2016, the National Toxicology Program of NIH released its 14th Report on Carcinogens.

The Report on Carcinogens (RoC) is a US congressionally mandated, science-based, public health report that identifies agents in the environment that pose a carcinogenic risk.

Substances are listed in the RoC following a multi-step process with several opportunities for scientific and public inputs and using established listing criteria. For each listed substance, the RoC contains a profile that contains the listing recommendation and a summary of the scientific evidence used in reaching that recommendation. The profile also contains information on potential sources of exposure and current US federal regulations to limit exposures.

The technical information in the RoC makes it a valuable toxicological reference work for all occupational hygiene professionals. Each of us should have a copy in our electronic library.

The RoC can be downloaded free of charge as a 24.3 Mb zip file from this link: Once the file is extracted to a folder on your computer or tablet, its contents can be viewed in you web browser by simply clicking on the start.html file.

IOHA Newsletter – Global Exposure Manager

ioha-gemAlthough we missed it when it first appeared, we would like to draw your attention to the June issue of the new IOHA newsletter Global Exposure Manager, which contains an article about WHWB. The article includes quotes from Marianne Levitsky, President of WHWB and Noel Tresider, WHWB board member and President of the Australian branch.

The entire newsletter is very attractive, a credit to IOHA and a great read. It should be of interest to all members of WHWB. (The article on WHWB is on page 7.) A PDF version of the newsletter can be downloaded from the IOHA website at:


WHWB Mentoring

This is just a note to remind visitors to the site that WHWB offers a mentoring program to individuals new to the occupational health field. Among our members are a number of very experienced senior health and safety professionals who have volunteered to act as mentors to less experienced and new entrants to the field. If you would like to take advantage of this program, just go to our mentoring page ( and download an application. Send your completed application to and we will begin the process of matching you with a suitable mentor.

If you have previously submitted an application but have not been matched, or if you had a mentor and for some reason have lost contact with your mentor, please send an email to and we will attempt to match you with a suitable mentor as soon as possible.