Mentor Scrabble - Photo credit Marg PilgerWe continue to receive requests for mentors or career coaches in occupational hygiene as well as offers from senior hygienists to act as mentors.

One group of people who may benefit from mentoring are those people who have completed one or more of the OHTA modules in occupational hygiene. Mentoring is particularly useful to individuals who are preparing to write certification examinations, but is something we all can benefit from throughout our careers. We anticipate that both partners in the mentoring relationship will benefit.

As much as possible, we try to match mentors and mentees who are in similar time zones to make scheduling meetings between them easier. Because of the geographical separation that may exist between mentor and mentee, WHWB mentoring is almost always going to involve online communication, by email and teleconferencing using Skype or Zoom. Zoom is a teleconferencing application with a free account that offers features making it ideal for one-to-one and small group  teaching and mentoring. Unlike Skype it allows easy screen sharing by anyone at a meeting, permitting the easy presentation of PowerPoint and video demonstrations and the illustration of practical procedures. We have prepared a note describing how to register with Zoom and how to use it for online communication that is available at this link: If you are considering becoming a mentor or are looking for a mentor, you should read this note.

We have produced a registration form for hygienists wishing to become mentors and a second for those looking for a mentor.  Submitted forms will be used to develop a database from which we will match mentors and those wishing to partner with a mentor. If you are interested you can download the appropriate forms from one of these links:

Mentor Form  – Download this if you wish to mentor
Formulario del tutor

Mentee Form  – Download this if you wish to be partnered with a mentor
Formulario del alumno

Our mentoring program is intended primarily for newcomers to the hygiene field outside of North America, but we will attempt to assist North Americans seeking a mentor as well.

If you have not already contacted us, but would like to be a mentor or if you think you would benefit from partnering with a mentor, please download, fill in and send us the appropriate form. We would like to hear from you.  If you are wondering whether mentoring at a distance over the Internet can work, we invite you to read this post from one of our mentors. If you have any questions about the program, please contact us at: