Subscribing to this Website

We encourage our visitors to register on the website. The benefit of registration is that you can then request an elevation of privileges to contributor status, which allows you to comment on existing posts and post material of your own. If you only wish to visit and read rather than post your own material, then no registration is required.

In the past, we received as many fake as real registrations. Fake registrations may allow those making them to attack the site for their own nefarious purposes. At present, the number of OHS people who wish to register and comment is manageable enough that registrations can be handled manually. This has the added benefit of allowing us to develop personal relationships with many of our registrants. If you wish to register, contact the webmaster by email and let us know.  Provide your name, a username of your choice and a valid email address. I will respond with a temporary log in password.  You can then log in and change the password to one of your choice, by editing your user profile. If you do not provide a username with your email, we will generate one for you.

When you first click the Log in  link in the upper right corner of the web page, you will see the following screen with your user name.

Do not click the Remember Me box if you are using a public computer. When you click the blue Log In button you will be taken to your Profile page, shown below.

If you scroll down to the bottom of this page you will be able to change your password as shown below. You will have to enter the same new password twice.

After changing your password, be sure to write it down somewhere in case you forget it. Then click the blue Update Profile button before closing the page.  If you do forget your password, you can always change it by following the Lost Your Password? link on the log in page. If you click on the Dashboard link in the upper left above Profile you will be taken to your Dashboard. If you look around, you will notice that it doesn’t let you do much. If you want more privileges, for example, to publish your own material on the site, you can contact the webmaster and ask to be elevated to Contributor status. (Committee members are all given contributor status automatically.) This will allow you to contribute your own posts to the web site.  Finally, after you have explored the Dashboard and completed your profile, you can log out of the Dashboard by clicking on the Howdy, Your Name link in the upper right corner as shown below.

We think that this change will help safeguard the site from spambots with only a minor and one time inconvenience for those site visitors who wish to join the conversation among WHWB members.