Vietnamese welderWhen  you first arrive at the site, you land at the Forum rather than on our home page. This sometimes causes confusion among visitors but was a deliberate site design choice. The WHWB Forum was intended to be a place where site visitors read current news about WHWB and where dialogue between members would occur. WHWB members and visitors who are registered on the site as contributors can post items of interest and comment on posts made by other contributors.

In essence, the Forum is the WHWB blog. Here we hope you will find the latest information on our  ongoing projects news about future project initiatives and other items we think would be of other members would be interested.  Of course this will only work if our members are sufficiently interested in these activities to report and comment on them. We hope that you will post to the site. If you would prefer to send a post to the webmaster rather than posting yourself, you can send it as an email attachment to and I will post it on your behalf. If you are not registered to post to the site and would like to be, just send an email request to and I will register you.

We assume that new visitors and returning visitors would prefer to land first at the forum rather than on a static home page. If you would prefer to start on the home page, the Home link on the navigation bar above will take you there. The link below will take you back to the Forum.

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