Low-Resource Contaminant Controls: A Student Development Challenge!

The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) Hazard Prevention and Engineering Controls Committee (HPECC), Workplace Health Without Borders (WHWB) and WHWB-US are co-sponsoring a workplace contaminant controls development challenge directed to students to promote worker health and safety in developing countries.

For this inaugural challenge, the focus is on silica exposures arising from work with […]

Eliminating extraneous noise on Calliflower calls

If you are like me you have frequently been annoyed by extraneous noise during our Calliflower conference calls. Periodically, Calliflower sends out a brief email to remind people how to avoid these interruptions. I have based this note on the Calliflower email, with a few modifications and suggestions of my own.

The vast majority of […]

Rebuilding Battery Packs

I have just finished rebuilding the battery pack on one of my Escort Elf sampling pumps. The rebuilt pump battery, based on nickel-metal hydride cell technology runs about 50% longer than did the original NiCad battery and the pump is about 90 grams lighter in weight. I have been using these rebuilt battery packs in […]

SKC Donates Hygiene Equipment to Tanzanian University

Muhimbili University in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania recently received a generous donation of personal air sampling pumps and calibration equipment from SKC Inc. The donation will allow students in the university’s hygiene program to gain valuable air sampling experience as part of their laboratory and field research projects, thereby greatly enhancing the university’s occupational hygiene […]

Air Sampling Pump Donation

We have been offered a donation of 5 Gilair-5 tri-mode sampling pumps plus a Dri-Cal calibrator and rotameter. The donor wants to make these available for non-profit use and will pay for shipping . If you represent or know of a group that can make good use of these pumps, please send an email to […]

Donate Books and Equipment Now

For some time WHWB has been working with Dr. Obi Ejim, Vice Chancellor of Renaissance University in Southern Nigeria to assist development of an occupational health and safety program at his university. The University already has undergraduate programs in basic sciences and engineering and so has an excellent foundation in place for the development of […]