A request for assistance

Recently a member wanted to promote the web site to a Spanish speaking audience, but discovered that the translate function did not work. This was presumably due to changes made by the authors of the translation “plugin” we use on the site. This plugin has undergone several updates in the last couple of months which suggests the authors were having problems keeping up with changes in Google Translate. The plugin underwent another update just a few days ago.

This sort of problem occurs frequently on most web sites, but errors like this are usually found and corrected quickly on the sites of large organizations with teams of workers who constantly scan their sites for errors and fix any that are found. It is more difficult for one person to stay on top of this problem for a site like whwb.org. Because of this I am asking for your help.

If you visit the site and notice something that doesn’t seem to work or a typo or sentence structure error or an image that does not display correctly or any other problem, please take a moment to send an email to the webmaster to alert him to the situation. This will help ensure that these problems are dealt with as quickly as possible. Thank you.

Chuck Pilger

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