Free Online Course in Occupational Health

A group of occupational health specialists in Bergen, Norway and in Tanzania/Ethiopia have collaborated in the development of a free online course in occupational health. They have asked us to help advertise it.

The course begins 7 March 2016, and it is possible to sign up now. The course is presented at the Master’s degree level but can be attended by anyone interested in health effects of work. WHWB encourages anyone interested in occupational health to sign up for this free course. You can view an advertising trailer and sign upĀ for the course here:

This free online course presents basic background knowledge on work and health and how to prevent development of occupational diseases and workplace injuries. As industrial activity in the developing world increases, knowledge of the effect of working conditions on health is not keeping up. Both industry and the health services in developing countries lack knowledge about the high risks of injuries, illness and death in the work place. As a result, millions of people get hurt or sick or die from work related hazards each year. This online course is intended to contribute to a reduction of this serious problem. We urge you to visit the link above and sign up for the course.

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