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What I want to get from the Mentor program

The following statement was received recently from a young OHS professional who has recently become part of the WHWB Mentor program.

The WHWB Mentor program presents an opportunity for aspiring occupational hygienists like myself to learn from the best and experienced occupational hygienists in the field. Firstly I would like to have a professional relationship with my mentor whom I can share ideas with, learn new concepts, and learn more about the field of occupational hygiene from. I would like to learn about sampling machines and equipment used for various monitoring in occupational hygiene. I often face challenges on the practical aspect of occupational hygiene which I hope to some extent might be dealt with in the mentorship. Whenever it is possible I would like to have some equipment demonstration or explanations on how and when its used etc.

If this sounds like activity that you would like to be part of, either as mentor or mentee, click on Mentoring on the Menu bar above.

Chuck Pilger

Looking for a Good Ethics Course?

I have been working through the materials produced by ENLAR Compliance Services for OH&S professionals and recommend it. You can register for Ethics for the OH&S Professional through the American Industrial Hygiene Association website www.aiha.org/marketplace. In my opinion it is well worth the price of US$195.00 (member price). This course provides excellent insights and strategies for thinking through ethical dilemmas.

Registration includes 90 day access to presentations and case studies plus handouts and reference material.

Submitted by Marguerite Pilger

The WHWB Mentor Program: A new exciting learning experience

At first, when I was invited to join the WHWB mentoring program, I had doubts. I was not sure that I would benefit from speaking to someone living so far away. I enrolled in the program in January 2013 and now I am convinced it has been one of the most useful learning experiences I have ever had. There are many advantages comparing to more traditional teaching and learning experiences. Some of these are:

  • A very experienced Occupational Health Professional will be sharing all his or her knowledge with you.
  • You learn by sharing your professional experiences with the mentor and analyzing practical cases.
  • The meeting timetable can be very flexible.
  • There is an opportunity for making friends all around the world.
  • You may be able to help other health and safety professionals with sharing knowledge among developing countries.

I encourage everyone who wishes to develop as an occupational health professional to join the WHWB mentoring program. You will not regret it.

Submitted by: Paula Viapiana, Montevideo, Uruguay

Translating this site

Early on October 1, this site went down, apparently due to a problem with the Google-Translate function of the site. This has been a part of the site since 2011 and it is unclear to me why the problem only appeared now. I have removed the original translate plugin and replaced it with another that seems to function properly.  Note the Translate button in the lower right corner.

I would appreciate comments from site users whose first language is not English on the operation of this feature. If you find it useful please let me know. If it causes problems and interferes with your use of the site, let me know that as well. Finally, if you find the translations are really poor and you prefer an English only site please tell me that as well. I would like to keep the web site as “lean” as possible and would prefer to remove any features that are not useful and only slow it down.

Please use the Leave a comment link below.

Chuck Pilger, Webmaster

Using Zoom for Teleconferencing

I have written a brief note on using Zoom that I hope will encourage at least a few of our members to try it as an alternative to Skype for one-on-one and small group teleconferencing. You can access it at this link.

Using Zoom For Teleconferencing (PDF)

I personally find Zoom much easier to use than Skype, with audio and video that is clearly superior, particularly for intercontinental calls. If you have any questions about Zoom, send me an email at the address at the end of the note.

Chuck Pilger

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New resource links and broken links

I was checking this site’s Resources page for broken links a few days ago when I ended up on the IRSST site.  This is a Quebec (Canada) site with material available primarily in French, but with many items in English as well. The English language part of the site continues to grow but is already a very valuable go-to site that I use frequently in my hygiene practice. As a result of reorganization of the IRSST site a lot of material is now easier to find than it was. I particularly value the Guides-and-Tools section of the site. I have added this link to the Technical Resources page of this site.

I found several broken links as I always do when I review the site. As a result of other organizations revising their sites, links here will break from time to time. I really depend on our site visitors to report the one’s I miss that they find. If you find a broken link, please contact us to report it using our contact form.