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Important Documents from ICOH2015

Claudina Nogueira, WHWB board member from South Africa, has shared the following document links with the WHWB membership following her attendance at the recent ICOH2015 conference in Seoul.

Occupational Health and Safety Guide for Entrepreneurs, Owners and Managers
A PDF version of this guide can be downloaded from here.

Seoul Declaration on Occupational Health Services for All 

Third edition of the ICOH Code of Ethics for Occupational Health Professionals, 2014 

Graphic Depicting AIHce Round Table on Africa

The Round Table on Africa at the recent AIHce conference in Salt Lake City was selected for graphic rendering — click on  the graphics below to see them in larger format.

WHWB members were active participants in the Round Table — it was moderated by Lydia Renton, who also presented on WHWB training in Tanzania.  Jeff Dalhoff presented about silica exposure in artisanal mining in Tanzania.  Marianne Levitsky presented on poverty and OHS in Mozambique on behalf of former WHWB Board member Custodio Muianga.  The session was arranged by WHWB member and Vice-Chair of the AIHA International Affairs Committee, Cathy Hovde.

File-08  File-09

Hesperian launches Workers Guide to Health and Safety

Miriam Lara-Meloy and Todd Jailer of Hesperian gave a great presentation at the WHWB teleconference today on Hesperian’s newly released Workers’ Guide to Health and Safety.

Hesperian produced the classic Where There is No Doctor and has developed and distributed a variety of health materials now available in over 80 languages.

Here are links to the Workers’ Guide and the slides that Miriam and Todd presented.

AIHce Ignite sessions — including WHWB members — now on youtube

The Ignite sessions from the recent American Industrial Hygiene (AIHce ) conference are now available on youtube.  You can watch them all here, including the videos by WHWB members Mary O’Reilly on “IH for the 21st Century: Revealing the Invisible”,  Garrett Brown on Bangladeshi garment workers, and Marianne Levitsky on Workplace Health Without Borders.

IGNITE (“Enlighten us, but make it quick!”) originated in the high-technology profession but has spread worldwide. In a five-minute presentation, speakers share their professional and personal passions using 20 slides that auto advance every 15 seconds.

Petition to stop manufacture and distribution of lead paint

OK International has started a petition to stop manufacture of lead paint. Lead paint has been banned from homes in many countries but is still being distributed to developing countries where it is poisoning children.  You can sign the petition and learn more here.   

OHS professionals volunteering in Bangladesh

Since the Bangladesh Rana Plaza disaster in April 2013  where 1,135 garment workers were killed in a building collapse  occupational health and safety professionals have been volunteering their time and expertise to improve the safety of Bangladesh’s garment factories and other workplaces. 

Garrett Brown is leading an initiative to provide health and safety help in Bangladesh and is compiling a roster of OHS professionals who are willing to volunteer .  You can learn more at the flyer available here.  If you want to join the roster, download and  fill out this form and email it with your CV to Garrett at the address on the form.

Garrett has also compiled a list of good articles on Bangladesh, which you can access at this folder.