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This is where we  post news items related to WHWB projects and issues that we believe are important to the international occupational hygiene community. In addition to this website, we also communicate with our membership through a monthly teleconference, using the Calliflower web-conferencing application. To learn how to connect to the teleconference, go to this page.

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Zoom – A Replacement for Skype?

WHWB has used Skype as a teleconferencing tool for some of our sub-committee meetings, our board meetings and for mentor-mentee communications for several years. Recently member Bill Carter suggested that we investigate using Zoom, which he had heard had a number of advantages over Skype. I have had a few small group test calls since then, to see Continue reading Zoom – A Replacement for Skype?

WHWB members named AIHA Distinguished Lecturers

Four WHWB members – Bernard Fontaine, Mark Katchen, Marianne Levitsky and Om Malik – are among the 13 Distinguished Lecturers designated by the American Industrial Hygiene Association, https://www.aiha.org/…/…/Distinguished-Lecturer-Program.aspx

Anyone interested in a speaker on WHWB or global occupational health can reach WHWB at info@whwb.org

The Thermal Environment-Blog

Today Kevin Hedges alerted me to an excellent blog on heat stress authored by WHWB member Ross di Corletto. I have added a link to it on our technical resources page here under physical agents. You can access the site directly at the following link:



Mentors Needed Now!

We urgently need mentors to fulfill our obligations to the students of our recent course in Tanzania.

Following the recent training course mounted by WHWB in Tanzania, many of the participants have submitted requests to be paired with a mentor. WHWB now has a serious shortage of mentors. Matching experienced health and hygiene practitioners with those who have little or no access to the skill set and knowledge required is critical if we want to build capacity in developing countries. If you are a credentialed occupational hygienist or occupational physician, WHWB needs you! Mentoring can be tremendously rewarding on a personal level for the mentor.  Check out this post from an active mentor where she talks about the process of mentoring at a distance. If you are interested in making a real difference, please consider filling out and submitting a mentor form. A link to the mentoring form and a short description of our mentoring program are available here. If you are unsure if this is for you, but would like more information, please send an email to mentors@whwb.org.


Connecting to WHWB Teleconferences

WHWB uses a teleconference medium called Calliflower to present our monthly teleconferences. We also use it for some of our sub-committee meetings. If you live in a major North American city or a capital city in many parts of the world, you can call into the meeting from a local telephone number. There is a list of these numbers on the calliflower.com website. For people who do not have a local (toll-free) number to call, there are two other options, calling into Calliflower using Skype, or calling using the Calliflower VOIP service, Calliflower Connect. The use of both of these alternatives is described on the Calliflower website, but many of our members have experienced difficulty using them. To help explain how to use the Calliflower Connect option, we have included a tutorial here. If you live in an area with broadband Internet service but no local Calliflower telephone number, we suggest you look at this page and try Calliflower Connect. Although I have a local dial-in number, I still prefer Calliflower Connect over using the telephone.

WHWB teaches Occupational Hygiene Course in Tanzania

Marianne Levitsky and Lydia Renton of WHWB taught the OHTA course W201 – Basic Principles in Occupational Hygiene to a group in Tanzania at Muhimbili University during the week of February 23-27, 2015.

For photos sent to the membership, follow this link:


or click on the picture on the right.

Check back in a few days for more pictures and a post from Marianne and Lydia describing their experiences.