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This is where all WHWB members are invited to  post items related to WHWB projects and issues important to the international occupational hygiene community. In addition to this website, we communicate with one another through a monthly web-conference, using Calliflower. To learn how to connect to the teleconference, go to this page.

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WHWB Email Accounts

WHWB has a limited number of email accounts available for members who have also registered on the web site. These accounts provide for the storage of only 250 Mb of email unlike Gmail which offers 15 Gb, but they may be of interest to individuals who are working on WHWB committees or projects for email relating to that work. They are also useful for communicating with people and organizations on behalf of WHWB

Because the number available is limited, please do not ask for one unless you intend to use it. In the past, a number have been set up and remain unused. This simply reduces the number available to individuals who could use them. However, if you are working on behalf of WHWB and sending email related to your WHWB work, this is a great way to convey that you do have “official status”.

If you are interested, send an email to me at: webmaster@whwb.org.

Have I been pwned?

Many of our members are subscribers to LinkedIn. As you may or may not know, a breach of LinkedIn security occurred in 2012 that resulted in the breach of security of more than 150 million email addresses. Apparently this data was only offered for sale on a dark website in May 2016. If you have not changed your email password since 2012, or if you have used that same password for other online services, you may have a problem. Even if you do not have a LinkedIn account you may have a compromised account if you were using Adobe products in 2013, when they suffered a similar breach, or if you were affected by one of a number of other similar breaches .

This does not necessarily mean that your computer security in general has been compromised, (unless you use the same password for multiple services) but it does mean that if your account was one of the breached accounts, you should definitely change the email password if you have not done so since 2012. Actually it is a good idea to change your passwords regularly anyway and if you have a lot of passwords, use a password manager to keep track of them.

To check if your account was included in the LinkedIn data dump, or one of the other major data dumps that have occurred over the last few years, go to https://haveibeenpwned.com/.

If you would like more information on this, there is a Wikipedia page at:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Have_I_Been_Pwned%3F that provides more information.

Pwn: from the verb own, as meaning to appropriate or to conquer, compromise or control.
– Wikipedia

OHTA Course – W201 offered in Hanoi, Vietnam

Fifty-four students attended the OHTA Introductory Occupational Hygiene course, held in Hanoi June 20 – 24, 2016 and sponsored by the Vietnamese National Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health, the American Industrial Hygiene Association and Workplace Health Without Borders. The course was taught by WHWB members Elaine Lindars, PhD, COH, (lead instructor), assisted by Mary O’Reilly, PhD, CIH, and guest lecturers Jonathan Haney, CIH (ret), Tuan Nguyen, CIH, MBA and Noel Tresider, COH. Tuan Nguyen, a Vietnamese-American, orchestrated the entire course.

Opening Day

Opening Day. Dr. Hai is speaking and Dr. Hiep Nhi is sitting at the table on the left. The teaching team is sitting at the front table (Jonathan Haney, Mary O’Reilly, Tuan Nguyen, Elaine Lindars and Noel Tresider).

The course content was developed by the Occupational Health Training Association (OHTA) as an introduction to occupational/industrial hygiene to help fill the knowledge gap in developing countries as they increase industrial production. Vietnam has a growing industrial sector and many Vietnamese physicians and scientists are concerned about workers’ health in Vietnam as industrialization increases. Because Vietnam currently has no certified occupational hygienists, the Institute decided to invite a team of industrial hygienists and scientists to help them develop occupational hygiene capacity.

Tuan Nguyen leading the discussion with the students after our visit to a local factory. This was a lively discussion with much interaction as we debated recognition, evaluation, prioritization and possible controls.

Tuan Nguyen leading the discussion with the students after our visit to a local factory. This was a lively discussion with much interaction as we debated recognition, evaluation, prioritization and possible controls.


The Vietnamese National Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health.

The Vietnamese National Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health.

Last Day with the Head of the Office of Health Affairs at the US Embassy, Dr. Jeffrey O’Dell (in the middle) and Dr. Hai, Director of the Vietnamese Institute for Occupational and Environmental Health (white shirt) along with the WHWB team.

Last Day with the Head of the Office of Health Affairs at the US Embassy, Dr. Jeffrey O’Dell (in the middle) and Dr. Hai, Director of the Vietnamese Institute for Occupational and Environmental Health (white shirt) along with the WHWB team.

A more detailed description of the course presentation can be downloaded at this link.

Webmail change for users of WHWB email accounts

Today I received the following message from our hosting provider concerning our whwb.org email accounts. I have noticed that only a few people are using their “branded” email accounts. If you are not using your whwb.org account, this will not concern you.

We’re currently in the process of migrating the email account(s) for your domain(s) from your current webmail platform, Open-Xchange (OX), to Roundcube, a cutting edge open-source webmail platform. Here is a summary of the migration, and its impact to you:

  • None of the usernames or passwords for your email account have been changed
  • All of your mail, folders, contacts and appointments will be seamlessly moved over to RoundCube, so you don’t need to worry about losing any data
  • There is no impact to any of your mail clients (including desktop clients like Outlook, or mobile clients like Apple Mail or Google Mail)
  • The webmail interface will be changing from OX to RoundCube within the next week, but you’ll continue to use http://www.netfirms.com/mail/ to login to the webmail interface.
  • Any email account you have on OpenXChange (OX) Mobile, OX Business, Microsoft Exchange or Google Apps will NOT be affected by this migration.

I have personally been using RoundCube in another context and can confirm that no one should have any problems with accessing their whwb.org emails via webmail using it. The only difference you are likely to note is that the RoundCube interface appears a bit more polished than the present one.

If you have any questions about this migration, or about your whwb.org email account, please contact me at: webmaster@whwb.org and I will try to answer them.

Chuck Pilger

WHWB Mentor Program

If you are new to WHWB, or new to this web site, you may not be aware that WHWB has a Mentoring program that partners new entrants to the occupational health field with more experienced professionals. A substantial number of senior occupational hygienists have signed up to act as mentors. Oddly, very few new hygienists or other occupational health professionals have contacted us asking to be paired with a mentor. I find this very surprising because those of us who are part of the mentor program find it very rewarding.

Typically, the mentor and mentee will meet online  at regular intervals that they find appropriate. I meet with my mentee online about once every week, although we often go much longer without talking, depending on our schedules. We also exchange emails in between our online meetings. Some people meet their mentor only about once a month or so. Typically the online video chats last between 30-60 minutes. Some meet using Skype whereas others connect on Zoom. As much as possible, we try to connect people who are in the same or adjacent time zones.

If you are a young hygienist or someone new to the field of occupational health and you think you could benefit by having the opportunity to speak regularly with an experienced professional, I suggest that you check out our mentoring program at the link in the navigation bar above and fill out an application.

If you are an experienced, accredited professional willing to act as a mentor I encourage you to volunteer as a mentor. An application form can be downloaded at this link.

Chuck Pilger
WHWB Mentoring committee

Posting to the WHWB Forum

Activity on the Forum has been minimal over the last few months. There is certainly room for more activity here. You may share the reluctance I initially felt in writing where my words are going directly to the website. There really is no difference between posting here and sending an email to a group of like-minded individuals. Actually there is an important difference. After you submit the post, if you change your mind, you can log in and delete it. You can’t do that with email.

I hope that you will consider submitting a post, or at least comment on posts submitted by other members of WHWB. If you are uncomfortable composing in the visual editor, you can compose your message using Notepad or Microsoft Word. You can then simply copy and paste your message into the Visual editor. If you compose in Word, WordPress is usually smart enough to strip off all of the non-printing junk that Word adds to its files, but it is a good idea to check the file here using the Preview button in the upper right, before hitting the blue publish button. Remember that nothing you write here is cast in stone. You can always come back and edit it later or even delete it entirely if you wish. Please consider posting.

Chuck Pilger